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Valuation of the Non-Production Fixed Assets of Misr Aluminium Industrial Complex in Nagaa Hamadi

Project objective:
The Metallurgical Industries Holding Company has been in the process of privatizing Misr Aluminum Company and was at the stage of negotiations with a number of potential international investors. Within that framework, the objective of the assignment was to undertake a valuation of the non-production fixed Assets of the Company, in order to complete these negotiations.

Scope of work: under this contract included

  • Development of a detailed and comprehensive work programme for the project.
  • Development of a detailed plan for splitting and valuation of the non-production facilities of the company including housing units, retail shops, stores, warehouses, parking lots, schools, clinics and one large hospital, community recreational facilities, one hotel, a large farm including animal husbandry and milk production units, one large hotel, and a sportive club.
  • Determination of a market fair value of each asset under conditions of sales and/or lease.


Period: June 2000 – October 2000. Client: Public Enterprise Reform and Privatization Programme (PERPP); the Public Enterprise Office/the European Community

Preparation of a Proposal for Establishing a Strategic Alliance for the Industrial Gases Company

Project objectives:
This project initially required a study on the likely effects of the continued use of current applications of industrial gases of the Company and on its ability to achieve Privatization. Should the initial study conclude that the Company could not achieve its aim of privatization without changing its applications, manufacturing process, and materials, a proposal for making these changes and establishing a strategic alliance with a suitably qualified international company was to be prepared.

Scope of work included:

  • Cconducting a market study of industrial gases in Egypt, considering the competitive products in terms of price, application techniques & market size.
  • Suggesting substitute application(s), with the production method to be used and the machinery and tools necessary for that application.
  • Identifying the training requirements for existing or new staff.
  • Preparing a product line financial justification, to include projected selling prices and volumes, manufacturing resources and costs, gross margin analysis.
  • Identifying a short-list of companies that would be suitable to form a strategic alliance with the Industrial Gases Company.


Period: July 1999 – November 1999.

Client: Public Enterprise Reform and Privatization Programme (PERPP); The Public Enterprise Office/the European Community.

Evaluation and Monitoring of the Egyptian Privatization Program

Project objectives:
To evaluate and monitor the privatization program in Egypt over a four and a half year period.

Scope of work included:

  • Developing evaluation and performance indicators drawing on information from the studies and reports prepared by the GOE, World Bank, and technical assistance (TA) contractors.
  • Providing USAID with policy analysis, studies and other background information on the economic environment in Egypt as it relates to the privatization process. This included analysis of such areas as merchant and investment banking, the capital markets, public expenditures, macro- economic performance, labour markets and social security and other pertinent issues related to the privatization process.

Period: September 1995 - December 1997.


Institutional Support and Operation & Maintenance Services for the Alexandria General Organization for Sanitary Drainage (AGOSD)

Project objectives:
To provide institutional development management and home office support as well as strengthen AGOSD's management capability to function as an autonomous entity.

Scope of work included:

  • Providing and delivering an intensive management training program for AGOSD's senior managers.
  • Modernizing the AGOSD computer systems, including the Local Area Network (LAN), so all would be in place and functional.
  • Preparing a "Privatization of Functions" feasibility study to evaluate and identify potential areas of the organization for privatization.
  • Upgrading of management policies and procedures through reviewing existing ones and recommending new policies.
  • Preparing a comprehensive training program and plan to review, evaluate and consider all training needs.
  • Providing technical assistance to AGOSD to expand the data base of the existing system.
  • Improving personnel management rules and regulations as well as reviewing, finalizing and assisting in the implementation of the system management plan and system operation plan.


Period: January 1995 - August 1997

Client: USAID/Metcalf & Eddy

Feasibility Study on Institutional Autonomy for the Egyptian Organization for Biological Products and Vaccines (VACSERA), Child Survival Project

Project objectives:
A human resources and management study to assist in the assessment of a feasibility study on institutional autonomy for the Egyptian Organization for Biological Products and Vaccines (VACSERA).

Scope of work consisted of eight main activities:

  • Preparing an updated organization profile of VACSERA and analyzing its functions;
  • developing the organization and management profile;
  • constructing the labour force profile;
  • detailed review of the human resource policies;
  • evaluation of labour costs and productivity;
  • detailed review and evaluation of channels of communications;
  • training needs assessment;
  • evaluation of the human resources management information systems.


Period: June 1994 - December 1994.

Client: Ministry of Health/USAID/Clark Atlanta University.

Management and Human Resources Study for El Delta Spinning & Weaving Company

Scope of work involved:

  • A comprehensive review of the organizational structure and labour force (staffing levels, financial grades, age brackets, years of service and educational attainment);
  • Analysis of labour efficiency, constructing a profile of the excess labour (if any).
  • Development of schemes for encouraging voluntary departure of excess labour as well as estimating the costs of those schemes;
  • proposing implementation arrangements during and after the privatization of the company;
  • design a training programme to enhance the technical and managerial capabilities of the top and middle management;
  • outlining possible re-training opportunities for the excess labour in each job category in the organizational hierarchy in each company.


Period: December 1993 - February 1994

Client: Bechtel/USAID, under the Partnership in Development Project.

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