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Economic & Socioeconomic Development

Provision of Short Term Technical Assistance to the Egyptian ElectricityRegulatory Authority (EGYPTERA)

The global objective of the assignment is tocontribute to strengthening the capacities of the EGYPTERA to become anefficient and reliable regulatory authority so the regulatory functions and thepower sector reform process are implemented in accordance with EU andinternational best practices. The specific objectives are to provide support toEGYPTERA in the reform process implementation in the specific aspects ofraising awareness and market simulation, providing the tools and know-how thatwill be necessary during the execution of the twinning project which shouldstart in the first quarter of 2014. IDC experts participate in the preparationand delivery of the following outputs:

1.        Fourworkshops and 4 round tables informing and raising awareness among thestakeholders on the future organization of the power sector in Egypt,specifically on the introduction of market mechanisms;

2.        Simulationof the future market behaviour; including the preparation and delivery of thesessions / workshops for presentation and discussion of results withstakeholders;

3.        Analysisof the last expansion plan available in Egypt and analysis of three possiblesystem expansion scenarios;

4.        Threeworkshops to raise awareness among stakeholders and support to EGYPTERA onanswering questions and/or making amendments to the grid code.

Project implementation schedule.   

Period: August 2013 – April 2014

Client: Public Sector

Feasibility Study for Public Private Partnership Project

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are crucial to the delivery of priority economic development projects. However, it is essential that there is a broad consensus in relation to the scope of PPPs, the process through which PPP projects will be developed and the benefits expected to be realised by adopting the PPP approach across all interests in both the public and private sectors. The Ministry of Housing & Urban Communities / 6of October City Council intends to tender the development of a 718,200 m2plot in the 9th neighbourhood in 6 of October City on a PPP basis.

The intended project includes a hotel facility(250 rooms) over 46,200 m2; commercial / recreational area 46,200 m2; two stories office building 16,800 m2Hotel apartments (230 unit) over 29,400 m2 and the remaining area should be devoted to public facilities such as cinemas, open theatre, lagoons, gardens, playgrounds...etc.

IDC was responsible to prepare the preliminary feasibility study report including:

·    Support and justification for the project;

·    Review of the country’s socio-economic situation;

·    Description of the project components;

·    Market analysis (demand, supply and gap analysis, and marketing plan);

·    Technical analysis;

·    Financial Analysis (Benefits and costs of the project and their distribution among partners);

·    Financial viability of the project and likely finance structure;

·    Organizational / operational analysis; and

Project implementation schedule.   

Period: July 2013 – November 2013

Client: Private Sector Company

Feasibility Study for a Solar Power Station in Kom Ombo

The Ministry of Electricity and Energy intends to engage the local and international private sector in the production of electricity from renewable energy sources. Thus, qualified private sector investors were invited to submit their pre-qualifications for the execution of a solar power station in Kom Ombo with a capacity of 200 MW on BOO basis. The power station is expected to include 10 production units, 20 MW each. As eparate piece of land will be allocated to each unit on the right to use basis. The private producer is expected to operate and maintain the project fora period ranging from 20-25 years. The Egyptian government will negotiate a contract with the producer for the purchase of the electricity produced.


IDC was responsible to prepare a preliminary Techno-Economic feasibility study for the project including:

·            Reviewo f the country's economic situation;

·            Review all laws and regulations governing the energy sector in Egypt;

·            Technical analysis (size, location, timing and technology);

·            Financial analysis (costs, revenues, break-even, alternative scenarios and sensitivity);

·            Risk analysis (economic/political);

·            Organizational/operational analysis; and

·            Project implementation schedule. 

Project implementation schedule.   

Period: May 2012 – October 1012

Client: Public Sector 

Feasibility Study for Public Private Partnership Project in the Transport Sector

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are crucial to the delivery of priority economic infrastructure projects under the Egyptian national development plan and to the provision of quality public services. The Egyptian government intends to tender the development of the new "Mehwar" of AL-Zomor Canal in Giza governorate on a PPP basis.

The new "Mehwar" length is expected to be 14.6Km starting from AL-moneib area and ending at AL- Warak district. Two scenarios/alternatives are envisaged for implementation. The first scenario would cost up to LE 2.4 billion, while investment under the second scenario would drop to roughly LE 850 million.

IDC is responsible to prepare the preliminary feasibility study report (FSR) including:

  • Support and Justification for the project;
  • Description of the project, including definition of services, location, target users, technologies to be employed …..etc;
  • Social and environmental assessments and planned impact mitigations;
  • Benefits and costs of the project and their distribution among key stakeholders;
  • Financial viability of the project and likely finance structure;
  • Economic appraisal;
  • Requirement for government assistance to the project; and
  • Project implementation schedule.    

Period: November 2011 – October 2012

Client: Private Sector Company



Integrated Development Project in Aswan Governorate with emphasis on Agriculture, Livestock, Eco-tourism and Fisheries Sectors; Technical Assistance during the "Start-up" Phase

Project objectives:
The objective of this assignment is to provide technical assistance to the project's five (5) lead implementing NGOs throughout the project's start-up phase.

Scope of work included:

  • review both the geographical and technical scope of the project interventions;
  • assess the do ability of the different proposed activities;
  • recommend decrease and/or modification in project scope if needed;
  • develop an elaborate design for each individual activity within which implementation mechanisms are clearly identified;
  • review the project budget;
  • review and develop an appropriate project management framework;
  • develop the project implementation plan; and
  • Develop a comprehensive and detailed capacity building plan for the 5 lead NGOs.


Period: April 2004 – October 2004

Client: Egyptian Swiss Development Fund (ESDF).


Project Development and Proposal Writing on Integrated Development Project in Sinai (IDPS) with emphasis on Socio-Economic Development and Job Creation

Project objectives:
The development of Sinai has become a national and strategic goal Egypt seeks to realize through the national project for the development of Sinai, which takes into consideration all the agricultural, industrial, mining, tourist and national security dimensions. The ESDF considered supporting development in Sinai through extending its contributions with a ceiling of LE 4.5 ml. for a three-year second phase of the original project. The main objective/emphasis of the potential new project is socio-economic development and job creation in five (5) selected areas within the Sinai Peninsula.

Scope of work: The Consultant's scope of work included

  • identify goals and objectives for the project;
  • identify and design a number of socio-economic intervention measures in agro-active selected areas for development support;
  • develop the current effort of production improvement and marketing of handmade needle heritage products of the Bedouin women in North Sinai;
  • develop and design intervention measures for job creation and income generation through appropriate involvement of the Bedouin community in the safari tourism in Nuweiba area;
  • develop the current effort on job creation and income generation involving training and provision of micro-credit;
  • addressing basic social development needs including basic education, environmental awareness and primary health;
  • develop a comprehensive capacity building plan for the two lead NGOs and the second-tier Community Development Associations (CDAs);
  • develop an elaborate design for each individual activity within which implementation mechanisms, required human resources and end results are clearly identified;
  • develop the project budget including both ESDF funding, Government and others' contributions as well;
  • develop an appropriate Project Management Framework clarifying cooperation and coordination mechanisms between all stakeholders in order to avoid any overlaps and conflicts;
  • develop the project's detailed implementation plan.


Period: July 2004 –December 2004

Client: Egyptian Swiss Development Fund (ESDF)

Design of an Integrated Development Project in Aswan Governorate with emphasis on Agriculture, Livestock, Eco-tourism and Fisheries Sectors

The ESDF launched a pioneering approach to development assistance that integrates comprehensive project planning with local implementation through community institutional capacity building. Within this approach, cluster of lead NGOs were targeted partners for project identification as well as vehicles for implementation.

Project objective:
The project ultimately aimed to serve the disadvantaged groups in the governorate of Aswan through a set of interventions that target socio-economic development and job creation in the region.

Scope of work included:

  • assessment of the ability of 12 NGOs, both technically and administratively, to manage and execute the project activities;
  • assessment of potentials for eco-tourism & fisheries development in Aswan;
  • identifying a number of socio-economic projects in the agriculture/ livestock sector, the eco-tourism sector and the fisheries sector;
  • identifying a number of services projects that deal with cross-cutting issues such as sanitation (water, wastewater and solid waste management), and social services such as basic education and primary health services;
  • Capacity building and training needs assessment for the selected NGOs.


Period: Jan. 2003 – July 2003.

Client: Egyptian Swiss Development Fund (ESDF)

Sustainable Urban Growth and Development Programme in Ismailia Governorate

Project objective:
IDC was responsible for drafting both the joint report and the programme document (PROGDOC), with special focus and elaboration on expected outputs.

Scope of work included:

  • collecting data,
  • Assessing the situation and proposing workable action-oriented improvements.
  • guiding, coordinating, outlining and facilitating the tasks of team members,
  • Initiating contacts and liaising with relevant bodies.
  • identifying tentative interested parties,
  • targeting beneficiaries and potential national and international partners,
  • In coordination with UNDP and SIP, establishing contacts and took surroundings regarding possible contributions.


Period: June 1996 - January 1997

Client: The Governorate of Ismailia/ UNDP/Habitat.

Small and Micro Industrial Enterprises Development in Aswan Governorate

Project objectives:
The expansion of existing, and establishing of new viable enterprises, improved business understanding and production technology of such enterprises, improved capacity of existing financial institutions and establishment of private sector institutions to represent those enterprises. Development objectives of the project included accelerated employment creation and income generation in small and micro industrial enterprises of the private sector, increased participation of such enterprises in the social and economic development process and a more balanced industrial development.

Scope of work included the following main activities:

technical assistance to small and micro industrial enterprises and to the existing financial institutions;

institution building and technical assistance to an "Association of Entrepreneurship";

A credit line managed by the existing financial institutions and scholarships for apprenticeships and "nursery workshops".


Period: February 1995 - February 1998.

Client: Aswan Governorate/DANIDA

Association: Ramboll

A Project for the Relocation of the Tanneries of Old-Cairo

Project objective:
To produce a project concept and plan for the relocation the tanneries of Old-Cairo through: conducting a rapid reconnaissance of the economic, financial, social and organizational dimensions of the project.

Scope of work included:

conducting structured interviews with about 80 private tanneries in the Old-Cairo district;

briefing and moderating meetings between the Minister of New Communities, the Cairo Governor, and the leadership of Chamber of Leather Tanning Industries;

preparing a cost estimate and schedule for the development of the new location;

estimating the demand for credit to establish a business in the new location;

Preparing a project implementation work plan.


Period: March 1995 - September 1995.

Client: FEI/Chamber of Leather and Tanning Industries; (Ref.003.95)


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